Sunday, December 29, 2019


Hey everyone. My name is Joe, and I'm an avid electronics gadget enthusiast. I'm a married father of two (ages 4 and 16) and my job has me traveling for a living. This year alone, I've been on 182 flights, 206 nights in a hotel and 84 different rental cars.

I used to think that when I was up above the clouds dodging the latest weather systems that I was 'off the grid' and that this time was personal time to either try to sleep, catch up on music, or lately watch shows that I'm not able to watch on the weekends because I have my hands full with my kids. I don't know which one thins my hair more.. the 16 year old that just got his license or the 4 year old that's scared of everything, yet daring enough to jump off of everything he can find higher than a step or two and worry he's going to break something.

But in this time, it feels empty. Driving hundreds of miles to a customer site and back to the airport I could be doing - more.

So a few months ago I began speaking to friends and colleagues about the epiphany I had. There are several sites that review just about everything imaginable. Sites like YouTube and various other blogging sites. But every time I read or watch them, something is missing. I sit back and think about all the things I'm interested in with my lifestyle and all my traveling, that all the reviews are based on the average Joe. Someone who wakes up in the morning, showers (hopefully), grabs their cup of Joe, then heads in to the office/warehouse/site or whatever. All reviews are based on his set schedule.

But what about the guy that wakes up ad a different time each day, or maybe another time zone, or maybe going to work in a different vehicle - to a different customer? Someone that's not near an electric outlet all day. Someone who uses their devices in the sun, in the shade, in a clean room or 800' below in a limestone mine.

That's where I think my blog will diverge from the norm. In this blog site, I plan to review anything from smartphones, to services, to software, or anything else you can think of that I can do.

Some of what you will see in the beginning are things I have laying around that I use in my life, even if they are older. As I purchase new things, or try new things out, I will post about those too.

I welcome you and your friends to please subscribe and give me ideas, jokes (man I really need new dad jokes for my 4 year old) and constructive criticism. I'm wanting this site to be laid back, fun and informative, and I hope you will see it that way too!

- Joe


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Hey everyone. My name is Joe, and I'm an avid electronics gadget enthusiast. I'm a married father of two (ages 4 and 16) and my job ...